Jun 16, 2012

Sorry! I've been mega lazy! Unfortunately I've had basically no time (and no money) for lolita recently. But here's a picture lot from last months.

Mar 4, 2012

My Pastel Hair!

So! I did it! ...okay, it is just partly, but still: pink hair!

Originally I wanted it to be a very pale powder pink, but my hair dresser noted me that it would be washed away in a week and wouldn't be very clear in the first place as my hair is more like dark blonde than ash blonde (I call the colour "dirty dishwater", my hair dresser prefers "milk tea" :D). Thank god for highlights. But anyway, pictures!

Here is it! As you can see, it's quite subtle as the colour is only in the middle of my hair (so no ugly roots whether I wear my hair freely or tied up). When I wear it like this, it kind of looks like there's only colour on the ends.
Here with super fast curling (5 minutes?) and super fast teasing. I love the colour, there are two different pinks and the colour is like raspberry sherbet <3
Here you can see the different tones. I also have blonde highlights on the topmost layers.
I tried to tie it up with clip-ons from my pink wig. The colour is a bit off, but not awfully much. I think that I might cut the extensions to be a little shorter and maybe use some thin blonde extensions too to make it look more natural. The extensions are layered and the shortest ones are exactly the same length with my own hair so that helps too ^^

What do you think? With my new hair and the spring almost here I think it's the time to wake up again! It's quite boring to dress up just for school, and when the only option for exiting the house is super thick winter coat and a hat... Oh well, you get it.

Really. I'm no winter person at all. A month around Christmas would be totally enough for me. Spring, I'm waiting for you!


Jan 29, 2012

Pastel Hair

Hi hi!

Recently I've been really bored with my hair. It's always been long, straigt and blonde. Occassionally I have bangs but that's about it. I'd really want to do something fun and cute and now I'm considering colouring them pastel coloured, probably pink. I wouldn't colour them completely, that would be a bit too radical, though :D

Here are some inspirational pictures:

This is a lovely picture <3
Aww, candy cotton!!
This is the exact colour I'd want (this is a wig though).
Pastel mint green is also lovely (you might have noticed that I like it, no? :D)
Another lovely picture <3
She's super cute! I love both her hair colour and style.

Light pink? Baby blue? Mint green? Lavendel? Which colour?


Jan 24, 2012

Desucon Frostbite


I wrote this post a week ago, and then my Internet connection disappeared and I lost the whole post... Oh well. I was there and it was really fun. That's pretty much it ^^; I was going to cosplay on Saturday but I managed to forget my wig home, so no cosplay. At least it's ready for the next convention so I don't have to spend the previous night finishing it as I usually do :p

Here is my outfit:

skirt: Dream of Lolita
blouse, tights: random
shoes: Bodyline
hairbows: Classical Puppets
pearls: Ninja
wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
One always looks so fresh and unshiny after a whole day in a convention...

I also had matching nails with yellow, light purple, mint and pink stripes but I forgot to take pictures. Of course.

On Saturday I had light pink contact lenses because I had put them on for the cosplay and didn't want to remove them after putting on my make up. And I fell in love with them so much!!
I usually have Saaga with me, but this time I took Yuki, because my friends Hannele and Christina also had their Senior Delf -girls with them so we matched ^^ Yuki's outfit is completely made by me.

Next time, a hair style posting ^^


Dec 14, 2011

Tea time!

A tea post is a must in a lolita blog. Here's mine!

I've always liked tea, even though I'm not as refined as many others. I don't have high understanding when it comes to water temperature, cups with right shapes, the quality of tea leafs and such. Still, I'm very interested in Western tea traditions. It's such a pity that you can't find a tea house in Finland where you could get afternoon tea (at least I haven't found one). I've also always wanted to host a tea party meet up - I just didn't own some necessities such as a tea pot... But now I do!

I was randomly searching for Christmas presents yesterday and came along this pale blue tea pot at Clas Ohlson. It was only 15€ so I had to buy it! I've been looking for a tea pot since... hmm, forever? And this one was just perfect. It is the exact colour of my Arabia KoKo tableware and even the style is quite similar.

...and it also goes well with my Green Gate cups! (The camera changes the colours, in natural light there seems to be no difference at all between the pot and the polka dot cup).

It is big enough to serve at least for four and can be washed in a washign machine.

Of course, I'd love some cute flowery tea set with gold decorations, but they are both super expensive and impractical. I also don't have the space to store multiple tableware sets and they are hard to come by. So this pot is just perfect!

My favourite tea is black tea, even though I drink some green ones too. I like Earl Gray a lot, it's what my father prefers so I've always been drinking it and it's quite nostalgic. Many flavoured teas are lovely too, at the moment I especially enjoy Spring Flower tea from Indiska (I know, not very Christmas-like ^^;). It's a black tea flavoured with almond crocant, fudge, egg liqueur and cream. Very sweet and the scent is heavenly <3 I also like chai tea and everything else with spices like cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla. I prefer my tea with sugar, no milk, lightly infused.

I'd love to try scones with clotted cream and jam, one of the most traditional treats to go with afternoon tea. Anyone tried them? I'd also make cupcakes, sandwitches, pastries and a cake to go with tea ^^ ...and now I'm getting hungry.

It seems it's time to go and eat something :D

Dec 4, 2011

Breaking Dawn


I went to watch Breaking Dawn with my friends (I won't even bother to tell in how many ways it was a lousy movie) and I wanted to wear my Milky Planet ^^ This is yet another casual coordinate, but I prefer oversweet prints with everything else toned down.

skirt: Dream of Lolita
cutsew, tights: H&M
shoes: YesStyle
pearls: Ninja
hair bow: Classical Puppets

Nov 30, 2011

TaoBao order

So! My TaoBao order finally arrived.

I used DollyPoddle's shopping service, she can be found on Facebook by "TaoBao and Anna House shopping service". She was very kind and helpful and it was easy to communicate with her. I would recommend her if you need a shopping service ^^

Here's my order:

A blouse from KidsYoYo. Originally I was going to order a simpler one but then my sweet side got me... This is a good basic blouse anyway, it's good to have other colours than white too.

A close up. Lots of bows... I might remove some of them ^^; The buttons are heart-shaped <3 There is also a snap-on button at the highes point of bust to prevent the blouse from opening between the buttons. A very thoughtful of them, as western lolitas often aren't as flat as the easterns ones.
The Sweet Little Chocolate -skirt from KidsYoYo. I think the mint base makes this a bit more versatile as it can be coordinated to both mint and pink, as well as brown. The quality is very good, there are no mistakes, even tiny ones, at all.

I love the details!
They had a brand name lace made for them! The quality is also very good.
I ordered the necklace in both colours. They were shipped in adorable boxes as shown in the photo. These are handmade my the company owner. I intended to take one apart and make earrings and such, but I'm not sure I have the heart to do so...
As you can see, they vary a little. These are totally adorable.
More details.
The headdress and a removable bow from the skirt. The heart is from the headdress, it is detachable. The bow is loose enough to move along the hairband so it's very variable.
A Milky Planet -replica from Dream of Lolita. They are often referred as a low quality seller, but this is a very nicely done. The sewing is good, colours at least to me seem to be just like the original and the lace is soft and pretty. There's also a slim built-in petticoat. For a casual coordinate I'd love to combine this with pink UGG boots and thick knee-high wool socks with pompoms ^^
The print. The dark pink isn't actually as bold as in the photo but the bad winter light makes it look like this.
Lace close up.
Removable bow from the skirt, Milky Planet headdress and three hair bows from Classical Puppets. They are a perfect colour match ^^
The big bow (in the picture above it's the one placed highest).
One of the small bows, on the back you can see the one from the skirt. The colour match is quite nice, isn't it? :)
Boots from Antaina. These were quite necessary, as I don't own any loliable boots except for a couple of brown, very old ones that doesn't actually match anything I own.
Black shoes from Antaina. Black ones are a must-have even though I don't have that much black loli pieces. I love the heart buckles.
Pink ones from Antaina too. Until now I only had white and mint ones, so it's now easier to coordinate some of my dresses.

I also bought a petticoat for casual use, it isn't very poofy. It also isn't very pretty so I didn't take a photo ^^;

Now I have two more complete coordinates as the blouse can go with both Sweet Chocolate and Milky Planet. Too bad these both have a very spring-like feeling in them ^^;

For Christmas I'd love to have a red velvet skirt, maybe with embroidery. My mother has a sewing machine that can do embroidery and I spotted the perfect velvet at the fabric store, but it was just a liiiiittle bit expensive so we'll see...