Jan 29, 2012

Pastel Hair

Hi hi!

Recently I've been really bored with my hair. It's always been long, straigt and blonde. Occassionally I have bangs but that's about it. I'd really want to do something fun and cute and now I'm considering colouring them pastel coloured, probably pink. I wouldn't colour them completely, that would be a bit too radical, though :D

Here are some inspirational pictures:

This is a lovely picture <3
Aww, candy cotton!!
This is the exact colour I'd want (this is a wig though).
Pastel mint green is also lovely (you might have noticed that I like it, no? :D)
Another lovely picture <3
She's super cute! I love both her hair colour and style.

Light pink? Baby blue? Mint green? Lavendel? Which colour?


Jan 24, 2012

Desucon Frostbite


I wrote this post a week ago, and then my Internet connection disappeared and I lost the whole post... Oh well. I was there and it was really fun. That's pretty much it ^^; I was going to cosplay on Saturday but I managed to forget my wig home, so no cosplay. At least it's ready for the next convention so I don't have to spend the previous night finishing it as I usually do :p

Here is my outfit:

skirt: Dream of Lolita
blouse, tights: random
shoes: Bodyline
hairbows: Classical Puppets
pearls: Ninja
wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
One always looks so fresh and unshiny after a whole day in a convention...

I also had matching nails with yellow, light purple, mint and pink stripes but I forgot to take pictures. Of course.

On Saturday I had light pink contact lenses because I had put them on for the cosplay and didn't want to remove them after putting on my make up. And I fell in love with them so much!!
I usually have Saaga with me, but this time I took Yuki, because my friends Hannele and Christina also had their Senior Delf -girls with them so we matched ^^ Yuki's outfit is completely made by me.

Next time, a hair style posting ^^