May 30, 2011

Sweets for a rainy day


It's cold and rainy outside and I wanted something very sweet for today. So I ended up listing my favourite AP prints in my favourite colours. There are quite many of them :D These are in no particular order.

Dessert Collection: I love how this print is so simple and elegant but still very sweet compared to other prints in similar style, like Chanderier. Gold + cream can never go wrong ^^ Twinkle Ornament is also gorgeous but as it is so clearly a Christmas print...

Dreamy Dollhouse: Just adorable. I love dolls and dollhouses and all those toy bunnies are super sweet. Mint x pink, do I need to say more?

Memorial Cake: Can a print get any sweeter? I've always loved cake prints (half of my Bodylines are those) and this one is just too pretty. I'd love this even more if it was available in mint but sax blue x pink is adorable too.

Toy Parade: Just like Dreamy Dollhouse, super cute.

Sugary Carnival: Surprise!! Or maybe not? :D The all-time favourite, who could resist carousel ponies? Simply lovely.

Fancy Melody: I love stripes, period. This print is probably my most favourite one as it is very sweet but well-balanced, not OTT, kind of modern old-school style. It was very hard do decide which one I like most, pink or red but as red x silver isn't my favourite, the pink one wins. And I love stripes.

Milky Berry: Very fresh and summery print. I love strawberries and they are just adorable here. Ice cream parfaits are also <3

Starry Night Theatre: Different from most of AP's prints as the hem is clearly divided by the curtains. Very playful print, I love playing cards -theme.

Miracle Candy: Sweets are another of my favourite themes. I'd love to make accessories for this one. Also, the stripes! The red and white ones remind me of Marianne-candies <3 I think it's a tie between this and Fancy Melody.

Cosmetics: An older one, I've always loved this. Very simple, cute and elegant. The sax blue version is also lovely, but this one is the best.

Among these ten favourites, four are red x pink combinations. Until just now, I thought that those two colours are an absolute no-no. I still wouldn't wear them in my regular clothes but for me they seem to be a perfect combination for sweet lolita. Red gives energy and pink is, well, pink. As I don't feel comfortable wearing all pastel colours and bows and ruffles and toy prints (even though I love them), adding some red into a pastel print would be the perfect solution. It also gives more options when it comes to coordinations. We'll see, maybe one day I'll find myself owning one of these. I'll try not to, though... :D


May 26, 2011

Wavy mint

Yay, my new wig arrived! I love it so much, the colour is just gorgeous. I had to wear a matching outfit immediately. The clothes aren't anything new, this was just something to match the wig:

 The wig is Wavy Mint from Cosplay Wigs USA / Gothic Lolita Wigs. I totally adore their wigs, my choco-latte is from them too. The only problem with their wigs is the colour range - most of their colours are very warm whereas my face requires cold tones. I'd love to have their Light Blonde Hime Gyaru, but the blonde they use is too golden, so it looks horrible on me. Maybe I'll get a custom one with platinum blonde...
 A close-up. The colour is a very pretty and a little bit see-through, it's like water. The fiber is very soft and non-shiny and as I've mentioned before, it's heat-resisting so it can be styled with heat.
Without the clip-ons: still very full and pretty. In this picture, it's unstyled but I might backcomb it a bit and maybe make low pigtails or make a soft bun. I love mixing up sweet and classic - this wig is perfect for that as it can be styled to be very classic even though the colour is definitely nothing but.

I'll wear this wig to Desucon on June, I think I'm going to make some kind of pink-white-mint -coordination (oh so original :D), probably this jsk I talked about earlier, with cupcakes and other sweets as decorations. We'll see ;)


May 21, 2011

The picnic


Here is it, quite a lot of pictures from the picnic!

My outfit, the Carnival Wappen -replica. (It's not an exact replica, though, as you can see.) I remember mentioning something about head-eating bows a while ago, but oh well... :D

A little closer look. The light was bad, sorry.

Another close up. I really like the lace I got for the collar of the blouse, and it wasn't even expensive!

The Candy Heads, me and Hannele. Our wigs make a perfect couple :D It was really, really windy so they aren't as perfectly arranged as they were when we first got out...

This is us!!

...really, no. This is us, but for some reasons, about half of the pictures were like the one above. And The Ugly Door Strikes Back! The panel isn't big enough to hide all unphotographic backgrounds and there was no stand for the camera outside (besides it was quite freezing).

 We had cake, sandwiches, salty cupcakes, meringues, tea and strawberry juice (I happened to forgot to bring sugar so we didn't drink any tea though :D) I love my thermos bottles, I have two similar ones. One of them I found in second hand store in Jyväskylä, the other one I got from my mother who had found it in some flea market and got it for me. They don't look like they can be used for real but the tea was still almost boiling hot after we got back.

All in all, we had lots of fun even though it was quite cold. I got a super cute hairbow, two pairs of earrings, body silhouette notebook for planning new outfits and a lovely ballpoint pen. Afterwards we watched the Eurovision song contest and hated most of the winners like always :D So it was a day well used <3

As I told, I visited Rome last week. The trip wasn't lolitaish in any way so I'm not going to talk about it. But I got something from there that's surely going to be very lolita in the near future. I love the idea and try to keep it secret until it's ready ;) And there's also another secret coming!

See you soon,

May 16, 2011

Nothing really


I was about to write a post about our picnic on Saturday, but as I have no pictures (I had no camera, and someone still hasn't shared them), there'll be nothing yet. And as I'm travelling to Rome today (yay!!) the picnic post won't be up until Friday or Saturday. See you then!


May 9, 2011

New wig and some fabrics

Hi again!

As I told before, I got my latest wig a few days ago. It's a lovely strawberry milkshake colour, with short base and two wavy detachable ponytails. I totally love it!

I'm going to have a birthday picnic on next Saturday (my birthday's today, yay!!) and I wanted to have a new outfit and wig for that. I've been sewing a super-bubblegum-barbie-pink skirt and I wished to have my mint coloured wig by then. But that's not going to happen, so I'll wear this wig instead. But! No way this kind of pink will go with that super-sweet pink of my skirt... So, a new coordination too. I've wanted to make an applique dress for a while now so this was a perfect reason to get some fabrics for one. I love AP's appliques the most, so I went to steal some ideas:

Carnival Wappen! I think I'll make mine to be an almost exact replica, with different colours though. I'm also debating whether to make it JSK or OP. I'd like JSK more but I don't have a fitting blouse as I have bright white striped fabric. My absolute applique favourite is the Carnival applique but as I love those pom pom ribbons the most and couldn't find similar one, I'll have to postpone that. But I found the cutest ribbon online shop, Sugar Pink Boutique, selling pom pom ribbons in different sizes and colours. I'll probably order some and make something similar to Carnival for Desucon which is held in mid-June. We'll see. But anyway, here are my materials for Carnival Wappen:

I'm in a hurry with this, though, as I have to both work and study this week. But hopefully I'll manage to make it! ...and then we can hope that it's not going to rain. It's been lovely for these past few days and forecasts have promised it's going to be warm and sunny for the whole week, and then it's going to rain on Saturday >_< But I'll have my thumbs up!


May 6, 2011

1st of May vol. 2


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been awfully busy this week as I had a huuuge exam yesterday and I've studied night and day for it. But here are some pictures from last weekend:

My outfit on 1st of May

My nails matched with my skirt! I glued on some tiny fake fruit slices.

On 30th of April, wearing the Ugly Student Overalls not showing in the picture.
I also received the wig I ordered from eBay a while ago. I'll post pictures soon!