Apr 29, 2011

1st of May

Picture from weheartit

Hi everyone!

So, soon it's 1st of May celebration. What a perfect opportunity to wear super colourful loli clothes, the carnival and all <3 Although tomorrow I'll be wearing student overalls... (for those who don't know, it's a weird Finnish tradition to wear ugly, bright-coloured overalls for all kind of student happenings and 1st of May is the biggest one :D) But I'll wear a cute wig and a headbow! I'll add a picture later. And then on Sunday, we'll go to see the carnival market (mostly for kids, but hey... :D), maybe buy balloons, and go to picnic with my friends. The Bodyline package arrived just in time, now I have the perfect skirt ^^ But unfortunately my camera got broken so I don't have pictures. My old one had run out of batteries and charging them takes the whole day.

I really wish that we had more carnivals here. Actually, 1st of May it's pretty much the only one. I'd love to have something like they have in Japan, lots of games and food booths and fireworks and maybe a carousel or ferris wheel or something. That would be the best ever. Do you know of anything such in Finland? Or are there any other happenings that are especially lolita-suitable? I'd love to hear <3


Apr 22, 2011

Fan+Friend order!

So! My order's finally here! I was quite exited, as I have been waiting about six weeks.

The coat is lovely, my favourite part is the asymmetric hem. I love the laces too! In my winter coat the lace was bright white and the coat off-white so I ended up removing it all. But this time they match very well ...the same thing can't be said about the buttons, though. The buttons are very bright white and very plastic. I'll probably remove them and sew on something more matching. They are pretty and heart-shaped, they just don't match the coat. The fit is good and they made the back a little shorter than usually as I asked.

The bag is pretty, but the handles are asymmetrically sewed on. Also, there's an ugly scratch and some smudge on the bow. I'm not very happy with this one...

The hooped petticoat! In the first picture, no petti (*gasp!*), in the middle with my bigger, "traditional" petti and the last with both the hooped and traditional pettis. The hoop is adjustable and really offers a possibility for a huuuge poof. A great help!

All in all, I'm not very happy with F+F this time... The coat is nice, but I have to change the buttons. The bag has two mistakes in it and even though the petti is what I wished it to be, it really can't save the whole order. Too bad, F+F.

Then a couple of words about my new wigs. The other one finally arrived last week. The first one you've already seen in my Tampere Kuplii -post, the other one was this absolutely gorgeous Strawberries and Cream:

Unfortunately, it looked horrible with my skin. The pink was kind of peach-tinted and those kind of warm colours don't suit me at all. I save you from the pain and insert no pictures... Luckily, it looked lovely on one of my friends and she bought it, along with my music notes -skirt.

Both of the wigs were of exellent quality: thick, soft and not shiny at all. The fiber is heat-resisting and CosplayWigs USA mentions that low settings on curling and flattening irons can be used. I have both flattening and curling iron from BaByliss, I used setting 2 out of 3 with flattening iron and 2 out of 2 with curler and the wig was totally fine. Actually, the cooler settings were of no help. So great quality!

Their custom service is also best I've ever came across. They're very friendly and helpful, I really want to support them. And they have lots of gorgeous wigs, I totally recommend visiting their web pages or Facebook.

I wasn't supposed to buy anything lolita-related for a while as I'm poooooooor. But oh, funny thing. The group hystery (I totally blame my friends) got me and now I'm waiting for two skirts from Bodyline again. And The Morning After Group Hystery I went and ordered another wig. Oh dear...

That's about it this time!


Apr 17, 2011

Spring meet up


Yesterday I participated in a spring meet up! I had so much fun again and everybody was very pretty <3 First we took photoes - the weather was so lovely and sunny - and then went to a cafe.

As I was very busy, I had no time to make new outfit. I decided to try on my music notes skirt from Bodyline. I mentioned before that the bright white in the print is a trouble for me and it really was so. I had no coat, no bag and no shoes for a bright white and baby blue coordination. Next time I surely have more time to make a proper coordination!

Here's my outfit:

(My nose isn't that big!!)

Skirt is from Bodyline, everything else is Totally Random. I changed shoes before leaving because those gray ones have 13cm heels and we were supposed to walk a lot. Well, we did so it was a good decision :D

Something else too: I ordered lots of lace from Etsy. Some of them are for lolita clothing and some for doll clothes. This was my favourite:

I ordered the ivory one. This should be perfect for skirt hems :)

See you soon,

Apr 11, 2011

Tampere Kuplii


So, I visited Tampere Kuplii on Saturday. This is my outfit for the occassion:

Blouse is the same I wore for the winter meet up, I just adjusted the sleeves a little (they were too long) and added some ribbon to collar and cuffs. The skirt is a new one, very simple as I had a huge exam on Thursday and had basically no time to make it. I'm also wearing a slim headdress decorated with roses and ribbons, and a slim ribbon around my neck. Luckily it was warm outside, as my spring coat has yet to arrive. I ended up wearing only a very short cape (somewhere between my shoulders and elbows).

As it was warm and sunny, I was able to use summer shoes too! <3 And one of my new wigs arrived on Tuesday so I wore it too. I know that it would have been more classic if worn without the clip-on extensions, but I wanted them! As this photo is taken after the con, the wig looks a bit untidy. It was in perfect order on the morning but I had no time for photoes... When the other wig arrives, I'll make a review.

Tampere Kuplii isn't one of my favourite conventions, maybe because it's not anime and/or Japan-related, it's mostly about western comics. And as the convention place is open for public, there are lots of people who don't know what's going on and then they stare and point and take photoes without asking for permission. But as Kuplii is located on my hometown, I visit it every year. There are always lots of people I know and I like it despite its "flaws". And of course, it being the first con of the year (at least for me), it's special :) Now I'm looking forward for the upcoming conventions of the summer!