Nov 30, 2011

TaoBao order

So! My TaoBao order finally arrived.

I used DollyPoddle's shopping service, she can be found on Facebook by "TaoBao and Anna House shopping service". She was very kind and helpful and it was easy to communicate with her. I would recommend her if you need a shopping service ^^

Here's my order:

A blouse from KidsYoYo. Originally I was going to order a simpler one but then my sweet side got me... This is a good basic blouse anyway, it's good to have other colours than white too.

A close up. Lots of bows... I might remove some of them ^^; The buttons are heart-shaped <3 There is also a snap-on button at the highes point of bust to prevent the blouse from opening between the buttons. A very thoughtful of them, as western lolitas often aren't as flat as the easterns ones.
The Sweet Little Chocolate -skirt from KidsYoYo. I think the mint base makes this a bit more versatile as it can be coordinated to both mint and pink, as well as brown. The quality is very good, there are no mistakes, even tiny ones, at all.

I love the details!
They had a brand name lace made for them! The quality is also very good.
I ordered the necklace in both colours. They were shipped in adorable boxes as shown in the photo. These are handmade my the company owner. I intended to take one apart and make earrings and such, but I'm not sure I have the heart to do so...
As you can see, they vary a little. These are totally adorable.
More details.
The headdress and a removable bow from the skirt. The heart is from the headdress, it is detachable. The bow is loose enough to move along the hairband so it's very variable.
A Milky Planet -replica from Dream of Lolita. They are often referred as a low quality seller, but this is a very nicely done. The sewing is good, colours at least to me seem to be just like the original and the lace is soft and pretty. There's also a slim built-in petticoat. For a casual coordinate I'd love to combine this with pink UGG boots and thick knee-high wool socks with pompoms ^^
The print. The dark pink isn't actually as bold as in the photo but the bad winter light makes it look like this.
Lace close up.
Removable bow from the skirt, Milky Planet headdress and three hair bows from Classical Puppets. They are a perfect colour match ^^
The big bow (in the picture above it's the one placed highest).
One of the small bows, on the back you can see the one from the skirt. The colour match is quite nice, isn't it? :)
Boots from Antaina. These were quite necessary, as I don't own any loliable boots except for a couple of brown, very old ones that doesn't actually match anything I own.
Black shoes from Antaina. Black ones are a must-have even though I don't have that much black loli pieces. I love the heart buckles.
Pink ones from Antaina too. Until now I only had white and mint ones, so it's now easier to coordinate some of my dresses.

I also bought a petticoat for casual use, it isn't very poofy. It also isn't very pretty so I didn't take a photo ^^;

Now I have two more complete coordinates as the blouse can go with both Sweet Chocolate and Milky Planet. Too bad these both have a very spring-like feeling in them ^^;

For Christmas I'd love to have a red velvet skirt, maybe with embroidery. My mother has a sewing machine that can do embroidery and I spotted the perfect velvet at the fabric store, but it was just a liiiiittle bit expensive so we'll see...


Nov 23, 2011

Less Expensive Brands - KidsYoYo

Long time no see ^^;

As I've told, brand clothes aren't my piece of cake (or my wallet's, as it is...) so what to do when there's something I just can't make myself? To turn to the less expensive "brands",  of course. These less expensive ones include places like Bodyline, FanPlusFriend and shops in TaoBao, like Rose Melody, Infanta, Dear Celine and KidsYoYo. I have ordered clothes from Bodyline and FanPlusFriend and also talked about them previously. I'm now intending to focus on TaoBao brands, starting with KidsYoYo.

As I've neither personally communicated with them nor received my order yet, this won't be a review. I'll just highlight some of my favourite pieces from them.

KidsYoYo is one of the most high-profile Chinese lolita brands. Their quality is good and prices higher than most, for example their JSK prices ranging from 45€ to 70€. (Not very expensive, but when compared to brands like Dream of Lolita or Lolita Princess with their JSK's priced 30€...)

They are also a personal favourite of mine, with their sweet-classic style and lovely colours. Here are some of my must-have-these -items:

This set of skirt, jacket and headdress is my number one love at the moment. It's a part of their Classical Violin series, available in dusty mint and dusty pink. I adore both colours, but would probably end up with this dusty mint. The jacket could be worn with regular clothing too.

This is sold out at the moment, but one can hope they'll re-stock. Luckily they usually do ^^
A coat with a cape, a beret and a muffler, also Classical Violin series. This isn't available at the moment either, at least not in pink. Oh well, wouldn't have the money anyway... But I love it to pieces!

A blouse and a skirt from Sweet Little Chocolate series. These are also available in mint and pink. I ordered the skirt in mint, a headdress and a necklace a while ago ^^ As this series is more decorated than many other of theirs, I decided to go with the skirt instead of a JSK. This way I can downplay it to everyday use with regular shoes and top. The sweets motifs on the bottom are totally adorable. I ordered two necklaces, I'm going to make other accessories with one of them and keep the other one.

This one is gorgeous. Not actually lolita (the lower hem is removable, though, so with a petticoat it's totally loliable), but a very beautiful and detailed piece anyway. I could never wear this, because grey looks horrible on me and I'm not slim enough for this kind of loose, full-lenght dress (one needs to be absolutely tiny to look good in this). But nothing can stop me from loving it!!

Now I can just wait for my Little Chocolates to arrive <3 I'll be sure to share them with you.

I also made a new layout, there are me and my friend Christina in the banner picture. How do you like the new look?