Aug 31, 2011



I made myself a new calendar and decorated a notebook and a folder to match it. These aren't exactly lolita, but I think they give a nice classic-steampunk feeling (by the way, I'm going to wear a steampunk coord to Tracon next weekend ^^) I used decoration cards I got from a bookstore and added some stickers. The gold lace on the corners is cut from a cake decoration (the thing you put between the cake and the plate, I don't have the faintest idea what it's called in English). I also added a matching bracelet to my pencil case. (The notebook is for my Japanese course - I finally managed to get it into my curriculum. I'm so happy!)

What do you think of these:

Next post will probably be about my coords to Tracon ^^

Regards, Giselle

Aug 18, 2011

Yesterday's look

 Hi! Here's another casual coordinate. I wanted to use all the pastel colours from the print to make it as sweet as possible ^^
Here's a close-up of the brooch - the same I wore for the concert.

That's all this time!


Aug 16, 2011

Arboretum photoes


Here are the photoes from the Extreme Edges -meet up. Photo credits to SilkSucre.

And when we were just about to leave, the wind started. Really, it was hard not to fall down! But the meet up was great <3


Aug 13, 2011



On Tuesday I travelled to Sweden to see Gackt's concert!! I've always liked Gackt, but never been a huge fan. My boyfriend's been his loyal fan since, hmm, forever so I took the chance and went with him. I'm so happy I did, as it was totally awesome.

Gackt <3

He's so cute <3 (Not to mention the "I'll remove my shirt and hey, maybe even my pants...!!" -part. Well, he also has a great body :p)

<3 <3 <3

/end of fangirl-mode.

I wore lolis, this is how I looked like. (I had to remove the not-so-pretty background.)

The picture isn't the best quality: my boyfriend is great but taking photoes isn't one of his strong points. The print is actually a lot bolder, the dark pink parts are exactly the same colour as my top. The brooch is quite similar to the candy jewellery I made for my mint x pink -coord for Desucon, it's actually made at the same time. The skirt is from Bodyline, I got it on April but I had to change it a little and I didn't have the time to finish it until now.

For the longest time I've had troubles with making pretty, lasting curls. Either they don't curl at all or they'll be flat in a minute. This time I managed, though, these made it through the whole concert! A tiara has been on my wish list since I first started wearing lolita and now I finally got one!

I would have loved pink shoes for this, but I don't have any. They are the next thing to buy. I think I'll try TaoBao, someone recommended a good shopping service.

Here's a close-up. This print is absolutely lovely, maybe the best from BL. Originally I don't like black but for casual coords it's the best as it tones down even the sweetest prints. Imagine this one with mint instead of black - makes my teeth ache from all that sugarness. Not that it would be a bad thing, though, just not so casual :D


I think that my meetup photoes can be saved, so I'll probably post some of them in a few day's time. See you then!


Aug 6, 2011

Chess Chocolate

Hi hi!

I know that I just posted a couple of hours ago, but I just have to post this! As I've been totally off-lolita recently I just noticed this now, but...

Oh my good, my absolute dream dress. It's sweet, classic and a little hime at the same time, I love it love it love it <3 If I'll ever buy a brand dress, it's going to be this one. This is so gorgeous!

I. Want. This.

The end.

Picture post

Whoa, it's been a busy month... Including an meet-up and a convention, here are some pictures from my Animecon outfits.

My outfit for Friday, a quite simple one. A pink skirt, blouse and my Wavy Mint wig.
 Here's Saturday's outfit, a more classic one. As you might notice, it's inspired by Mary Magdalene, it's also almost exactly the same with the green one I'm wearing on my first blog post. Mint Chocolate is one of my favourite colour combos <3
 A close-up of my face. I love this wig to pieces, it looks so natural.

Here's Sunday's dress. The Carnival Wappen -replica I wore on my birthday, this time combined with a brown bob. I really like the bob with this one, it gives the dress a hint of classic style but is still very sweet.

It seems that all my pictures from the meet-up have been damaged somehow :( I'll try to look for them again and post some of them later.

That's all for now!