Dec 14, 2011

Tea time!

A tea post is a must in a lolita blog. Here's mine!

I've always liked tea, even though I'm not as refined as many others. I don't have high understanding when it comes to water temperature, cups with right shapes, the quality of tea leafs and such. Still, I'm very interested in Western tea traditions. It's such a pity that you can't find a tea house in Finland where you could get afternoon tea (at least I haven't found one). I've also always wanted to host a tea party meet up - I just didn't own some necessities such as a tea pot... But now I do!

I was randomly searching for Christmas presents yesterday and came along this pale blue tea pot at Clas Ohlson. It was only 15€ so I had to buy it! I've been looking for a tea pot since... hmm, forever? And this one was just perfect. It is the exact colour of my Arabia KoKo tableware and even the style is quite similar.

...and it also goes well with my Green Gate cups! (The camera changes the colours, in natural light there seems to be no difference at all between the pot and the polka dot cup).

It is big enough to serve at least for four and can be washed in a washign machine.

Of course, I'd love some cute flowery tea set with gold decorations, but they are both super expensive and impractical. I also don't have the space to store multiple tableware sets and they are hard to come by. So this pot is just perfect!

My favourite tea is black tea, even though I drink some green ones too. I like Earl Gray a lot, it's what my father prefers so I've always been drinking it and it's quite nostalgic. Many flavoured teas are lovely too, at the moment I especially enjoy Spring Flower tea from Indiska (I know, not very Christmas-like ^^;). It's a black tea flavoured with almond crocant, fudge, egg liqueur and cream. Very sweet and the scent is heavenly <3 I also like chai tea and everything else with spices like cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla. I prefer my tea with sugar, no milk, lightly infused.

I'd love to try scones with clotted cream and jam, one of the most traditional treats to go with afternoon tea. Anyone tried them? I'd also make cupcakes, sandwitches, pastries and a cake to go with tea ^^ ...and now I'm getting hungry.

It seems it's time to go and eat something :D

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