Mar 4, 2012

My Pastel Hair!

So! I did it! ...okay, it is just partly, but still: pink hair!

Originally I wanted it to be a very pale powder pink, but my hair dresser noted me that it would be washed away in a week and wouldn't be very clear in the first place as my hair is more like dark blonde than ash blonde (I call the colour "dirty dishwater", my hair dresser prefers "milk tea" :D). Thank god for highlights. But anyway, pictures!

Here is it! As you can see, it's quite subtle as the colour is only in the middle of my hair (so no ugly roots whether I wear my hair freely or tied up). When I wear it like this, it kind of looks like there's only colour on the ends.
Here with super fast curling (5 minutes?) and super fast teasing. I love the colour, there are two different pinks and the colour is like raspberry sherbet <3
Here you can see the different tones. I also have blonde highlights on the topmost layers.
I tried to tie it up with clip-ons from my pink wig. The colour is a bit off, but not awfully much. I think that I might cut the extensions to be a little shorter and maybe use some thin blonde extensions too to make it look more natural. The extensions are layered and the shortest ones are exactly the same length with my own hair so that helps too ^^

What do you think? With my new hair and the spring almost here I think it's the time to wake up again! It's quite boring to dress up just for school, and when the only option for exiting the house is super thick winter coat and a hat... Oh well, you get it.

Really. I'm no winter person at all. A month around Christmas would be totally enough for me. Spring, I'm waiting for you!


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