Jun 2, 2011

Wig styling


I went out for dinner and wanted to wear a wig. I decided to wear one that couldn't immediately be recognised as a wig, so I wore my Choco-Latte without the extensions. I tried two different styles to make it look as non-wiglike as possible using two basic rules: first: tie down, partially or completely, second: use hair accessories.

 First, double plaits and a flower hairband. I wore this to the restaurant. I liked it very much, it's easy and carefree.
 Second, a bun placed near my neck. (Ignore my weird-looking eyes...) I left one lock free (I had to re-curl it though, as it wasn't very pretty) and tied the rest on a bun.
 I added some flowers.
I wanted the result to be a bit ruffled and unruly.

What do you think of these? Would they pass as my real hair?



  1. Söpöt hiukset^_^! Muuten... Tykkään uudesta ulkoasustasi PALJON!

  2. Kiitos! Minäkin olen tyytyväinen tähän :)