Jun 19, 2011


Long time no see,

I've been busy making my outfits for Desucon, which was held this weekend. I had great time! There were lots of other lolitas, everyone was very pretty. Here are my outfits:

My dress for Saturday, pale pink JSK and white blouse, with mint coloured shoes and wig. I wore three petticoats! I was twinning with my Saaga, it was fun - although not actually the easiest thing... It was rainy and gray on the first day and the dark background made it hard to get a picture where one can see something else than a huge shining poof. I'll try to find a better picture when they start appearing in the Internet.

A close-up of my jewellery: a headdress and a brooch. I also wore earrings and for an upcoming meet up I made a small hairbow, another brooch and a ring (the theme is "Extreme Edges"... :D)

Saaga. I'm so happy that I can make her cute clothes!

This is what I wore today. A-kind-of replica of AP's Marionette Girl. This isn't the best dress I've made... I feel like I've wronged the original one. Maybe I'll remake this later on. Today was very bright and sunny and it was hard to keep my eyes open. The dress doesn't look like it, but it's pale blue :p Actual colour can be seen below, on Saaga.

I liked the headdress, though. I often seem to go way over the top with these, don't you think? :D

Saaga, wearing Marionette Girl. The hem is too short for her; luckily the stripe socks trick one's eye enough so it isn't very obvious.

Now Desucon is over and Animecon is in four weeks! I have to start making my dresses for that. Plans, plans...



  1. Oh wow, I think it's awesome that you had matching clothes with your doll! Both outfits are gorgeous and Saaga is adorable ♥

  2. Aww, it's just so lovely that you and your doll wear the same outfits!


  3. So pretty dresses <3.
    And where in the Earth are all your wigs coming from? I just love them :'D.

  4. Hanae: Thank you! She was actually bought to be my lolita twin ;)

    HajaMiel: They are mostly from CosplayWigsUSA, their wigs are indeed gorgeous <3