Aug 6, 2011

Picture post

Whoa, it's been a busy month... Including an meet-up and a convention, here are some pictures from my Animecon outfits.

My outfit for Friday, a quite simple one. A pink skirt, blouse and my Wavy Mint wig.
 Here's Saturday's outfit, a more classic one. As you might notice, it's inspired by Mary Magdalene, it's also almost exactly the same with the green one I'm wearing on my first blog post. Mint Chocolate is one of my favourite colour combos <3
 A close-up of my face. I love this wig to pieces, it looks so natural.

Here's Sunday's dress. The Carnival Wappen -replica I wore on my birthday, this time combined with a brown bob. I really like the bob with this one, it gives the dress a hint of classic style but is still very sweet.

It seems that all my pictures from the meet-up have been damaged somehow :( I'll try to look for them again and post some of them later.

That's all for now!


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