Jan 20, 2011

Casual Lolita

This was my outfit to school today. I never wear full lolita to school, it's too difficult and time-consuming. And I really don't feel like sweeping someone's plate in cafeteria with my skirt with extra-poofy petticoat. Actually, mostly I wear something completely normal and non-lolita. But today I felt like wearing something cute. The skirt is from Bodyline, everything else is self-made or H&M or such. (Sorry for the stain on the mirror, I do wear a headdress too.)

So, the problem with casual is to wear something that's not going to visit in your classmate's pea soup while you pass her table but still is lolita. These might be self-evident, but here are my tips for a casual look:

1: The Easiest Way

Like I did with my outfit. Wear a cute skirt with everything else simple. Wear matching colours, maybe small accessories. A simple hairstyle - though "simple" does not mean "do nothing".

2: The Elegant Way

This might not be so clearly lolita, but if you feel wearing something beautiful but can't or don't want have your petticoats along, then you might want to wear a nice lolita blouse with normal skirt or pants. The problem with this is that one easily looks just overdressed so be sure to have something different. A good coordination could be a cute blouse with lace trimmings, lolita style boots and jeans, trouser legs inside the boots. Hair in a big messy bun, backcombed to look wild.

3: The Undetected Way

If you don't feel comfortable wearing big, colourful skirts or full-of-lace -blouses, simplify it more. Wear normal clothes together with lolita-ish shoes, put on a small hairbow and an ice-cream necklace. Or a one-coloured, little bit poofy skirt with everything else normal.

In my opinion the most important parts of a lolita outfit are a petticoat and one's hair. A lolita skirt is meant to be worn with a petticoat, if worn without it just tends to look like something was forgotten. So if you wear a skirt, wear a petti too! Even a small one, like I did in the picture. Then about hair: there's a big difference between "leaving your hair free" and "wash-and-go". I had my hair free today, but I blowdried my bangs with styling foam and then flat-ironed it. This took about 5 minutes, but the outcome is radically better. So even when wearing your hair simple, be sure to pay some attention to it. And whatever you wear, remember to be happy about your outfit and the time you spent choosing it <3

Until next time,