Jan 17, 2011

The Meetup

So, as I told before, on Sunday I participated in a meetup. This is my attire, simple grey skirt with fake fur trimming and a round-collared blouse with pearl buttons (that were hell to sew on) and lace on collar, front and cuffs. As the meetup theme was "frost flowers" and we were asked to wear something with flowers, I decorated my hair with lots of white rose hair pins. (Forgive my ugly-coloured door...)

The plan was to first have a photoshoot and then go to a cafe. As it was freezing (almost -15 celcius), we quickly moved to the cafe, but I hope we had some nice photoes. The cafe was a nice place called "Nostalgia". I had a pink doughnut, very lolita indeed <3 Everybody was totally lovely and I wish to meet with them again. The hostesses had drawn everybody a card as a thank-you. They were so cute!! Mine looked like this:

As I had such a great time, I started planning on hosting my own meetup. I'd love to have a tea party meetup. Even though it's the most common idea associated with lolitas, in reality those kind of meetups are very rare. Maybe because nobody actually owns a pretty tea set, at least one suitable for more than four people. Also, in Finland there are no tea houses or such to order a tea party at. But my mother has this lovely blue-coloured tea set! Every cup and plate is a little bit different from others but all white with blue decorations. I love them! Maybe if mixed a bit more, I could host a Mad Hatter tea party. I'd love it <3

Another dream meetup of mine would be a picnic at an old graveyard. One can't just select a random graveyard and go to have a picnic, that's really not appropiate. But we have this 200 years old graveyard, not used in, like, 150 years in my city. All the graves are beautifully decorated and located here and there, not in rows like nowadays. And as it is an open park, it's a totally acceptable place for a picnic. And as the graves are really pretty, it would make a nice place for a photoshoot too.

If you have a nice meetup idea, please share it with me!

Until next time,

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