Jan 12, 2011

Lots of Lace


So, yesterday was my pay day, and I went shopping! As I told before, I was planning on buying some fabric for a new blouse. So I did. I also bought pearl buttons and some lace. Here they are:

The lace is about 2cm wide and good for a blouse. But. I would have wanted something a bit wider, closer to 5cm, as I was planning on making a big, round-edged collar with lace trimming. As the collar is going to be wide, I'm afraid a thin lace like this will be a bit off-balanced. However, this lace was the only one in my local store that was both soft-looking and priced below 5€/m.

For me, this is a problem I face every time I plan on using lace. As I refuse using "plastic" lace and mostly need off-white or cream coloured ones instead of bright white, my choices are limited. Recently I've been turning to the internet while searching for beautiful laces.

The place to look for craft supplies is, of course, Etsy. Here are some beautiful laces I came upon:

I'm surely going to order that pink cotton lace for a summer JSK I'm going to make! And the one with music notes (even though they are mirrored :D) is absolutely adorable, I'd love to use it, even though I'm not a black-colour-wearing person. All these are adorable <3 If you wish to buy these laces, here are they: music notes, pink cotton and pink embroidery. Prices for these three are between 0,85€ and 1,50€ per meter, plus postal fees around 3€. So, next time, when my clothes are not due next Sunday, I'm surely going to order the lace I need, as I can find more beautiful ones at lower prices. If you know any good lace suppliers, please tell me!

Until next time,

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