Jan 10, 2011

Let's get started


I've been about to start this blog since, hmm, forever. I was just facing some minor problems, like "no name" and "no ability to make layouts". But here we are, finally!

First, some information about me: I'm a Finnish university student, recently quite disinterested in studying. I also work part-time and go in for horseback riding lessons. I've been interested in Japanese culture for years, since junior high. I've cosplayed for a few years and a little by little I found myself falling in love with lolita fashion. I love especially all "traditional" styles, sweet, gothic and classic, but as I've always preferred wearing light colours, my own style is a mixture of sweet and classic, mostly a casual version of these two.

With my clothing, I'm always on a budget - for a lolita, anyway! Even though I love Mary Magdalene and Angelic Pretty, there is no way I'm going to pay hundreds of €uros for a dress. As I am a decent seamstress myself, I prefer self-made clothes. They also fit me better than those "one size fits all - or not" -brand clothes. I also admit buying print replicas now and then. For me, the most important piece of a lolita outfit is a PETTICOAT and I think no lolita should go out without one. Or two. Or a whole lot, so your skirt will truly be bell-shaped...!!

A newbie in the internet community, I'm trying to find my way into it, as well as to the local lolita community. My first lolita meetup is on next Sunday! Last week, I made a skirt with fake fur trimming, and tomorrow I'll go and buy some cotton to make a new blouse to wear to the meetup. I'll try to have a nice picture of my outfit!

Until next time,

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