Apr 17, 2011

Spring meet up


Yesterday I participated in a spring meet up! I had so much fun again and everybody was very pretty <3 First we took photoes - the weather was so lovely and sunny - and then went to a cafe.

As I was very busy, I had no time to make new outfit. I decided to try on my music notes skirt from Bodyline. I mentioned before that the bright white in the print is a trouble for me and it really was so. I had no coat, no bag and no shoes for a bright white and baby blue coordination. Next time I surely have more time to make a proper coordination!

Here's my outfit:

(My nose isn't that big!!)

Skirt is from Bodyline, everything else is Totally Random. I changed shoes before leaving because those gray ones have 13cm heels and we were supposed to walk a lot. Well, we did so it was a good decision :D

Something else too: I ordered lots of lace from Etsy. Some of them are for lolita clothing and some for doll clothes. This was my favourite:

I ordered the ivory one. This should be perfect for skirt hems :)

See you soon,


  1. You look so pretty! :D The skirt is really cute. and that lace looks great, it will definitely look good on skirts~

  2. Cute outfit, you are so pretty<3!