Apr 22, 2011

Fan+Friend order!

So! My order's finally here! I was quite exited, as I have been waiting about six weeks.

The coat is lovely, my favourite part is the asymmetric hem. I love the laces too! In my winter coat the lace was bright white and the coat off-white so I ended up removing it all. But this time they match very well ...the same thing can't be said about the buttons, though. The buttons are very bright white and very plastic. I'll probably remove them and sew on something more matching. They are pretty and heart-shaped, they just don't match the coat. The fit is good and they made the back a little shorter than usually as I asked.

The bag is pretty, but the handles are asymmetrically sewed on. Also, there's an ugly scratch and some smudge on the bow. I'm not very happy with this one...

The hooped petticoat! In the first picture, no petti (*gasp!*), in the middle with my bigger, "traditional" petti and the last with both the hooped and traditional pettis. The hoop is adjustable and really offers a possibility for a huuuge poof. A great help!

All in all, I'm not very happy with F+F this time... The coat is nice, but I have to change the buttons. The bag has two mistakes in it and even though the petti is what I wished it to be, it really can't save the whole order. Too bad, F+F.

Then a couple of words about my new wigs. The other one finally arrived last week. The first one you've already seen in my Tampere Kuplii -post, the other one was this absolutely gorgeous Strawberries and Cream:

Unfortunately, it looked horrible with my skin. The pink was kind of peach-tinted and those kind of warm colours don't suit me at all. I save you from the pain and insert no pictures... Luckily, it looked lovely on one of my friends and she bought it, along with my music notes -skirt.

Both of the wigs were of exellent quality: thick, soft and not shiny at all. The fiber is heat-resisting and CosplayWigs USA mentions that low settings on curling and flattening irons can be used. I have both flattening and curling iron from BaByliss, I used setting 2 out of 3 with flattening iron and 2 out of 2 with curler and the wig was totally fine. Actually, the cooler settings were of no help. So great quality!

Their custom service is also best I've ever came across. They're very friendly and helpful, I really want to support them. And they have lots of gorgeous wigs, I totally recommend visiting their web pages or Facebook.

I wasn't supposed to buy anything lolita-related for a while as I'm poooooooor. But oh, funny thing. The group hystery (I totally blame my friends) got me and now I'm waiting for two skirts from Bodyline again. And The Morning After Group Hystery I went and ordered another wig. Oh dear...

That's about it this time!


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