Apr 29, 2011

1st of May

Picture from weheartit

Hi everyone!

So, soon it's 1st of May celebration. What a perfect opportunity to wear super colourful loli clothes, the carnival and all <3 Although tomorrow I'll be wearing student overalls... (for those who don't know, it's a weird Finnish tradition to wear ugly, bright-coloured overalls for all kind of student happenings and 1st of May is the biggest one :D) But I'll wear a cute wig and a headbow! I'll add a picture later. And then on Sunday, we'll go to see the carnival market (mostly for kids, but hey... :D), maybe buy balloons, and go to picnic with my friends. The Bodyline package arrived just in time, now I have the perfect skirt ^^ But unfortunately my camera got broken so I don't have pictures. My old one had run out of batteries and charging them takes the whole day.

I really wish that we had more carnivals here. Actually, 1st of May it's pretty much the only one. I'd love to have something like they have in Japan, lots of games and food booths and fireworks and maybe a carousel or ferris wheel or something. That would be the best ever. Do you know of anything such in Finland? Or are there any other happenings that are especially lolita-suitable? I'd love to hear <3


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