Apr 11, 2011

Tampere Kuplii


So, I visited Tampere Kuplii on Saturday. This is my outfit for the occassion:

Blouse is the same I wore for the winter meet up, I just adjusted the sleeves a little (they were too long) and added some ribbon to collar and cuffs. The skirt is a new one, very simple as I had a huge exam on Thursday and had basically no time to make it. I'm also wearing a slim headdress decorated with roses and ribbons, and a slim ribbon around my neck. Luckily it was warm outside, as my spring coat has yet to arrive. I ended up wearing only a very short cape (somewhere between my shoulders and elbows).

As it was warm and sunny, I was able to use summer shoes too! <3 And one of my new wigs arrived on Tuesday so I wore it too. I know that it would have been more classic if worn without the clip-on extensions, but I wanted them! As this photo is taken after the con, the wig looks a bit untidy. It was in perfect order on the morning but I had no time for photoes... When the other wig arrives, I'll make a review.

Tampere Kuplii isn't one of my favourite conventions, maybe because it's not anime and/or Japan-related, it's mostly about western comics. And as the convention place is open for public, there are lots of people who don't know what's going on and then they stare and point and take photoes without asking for permission. But as Kuplii is located on my hometown, I visit it every year. There are always lots of people I know and I like it despite its "flaws". And of course, it being the first con of the year (at least for me), it's special :) Now I'm looking forward for the upcoming conventions of the summer!



  1. Ihana asu! Pidän kampauksestasi todella paljon :)

  2. Ai se olit sinä. :o Ihailin sinua Kupliissa mutta en uskaltanut tulla juttelemaan kun en tunnistanut sinua. :D Olit upea ilmestys. <3

  3. Ihihi ^^ Kiitos. Tuo peruukki on rakkautta, todella hyvälaatuinen ja tuuhea. Ja elämä on niin helppoa kun voi aamulla vaan niitata oman tukan päätä myöten ja peruukin päähän -> ei kahden tunnin tukanlaittoa :D