May 9, 2011

New wig and some fabrics

Hi again!

As I told before, I got my latest wig a few days ago. It's a lovely strawberry milkshake colour, with short base and two wavy detachable ponytails. I totally love it!

I'm going to have a birthday picnic on next Saturday (my birthday's today, yay!!) and I wanted to have a new outfit and wig for that. I've been sewing a super-bubblegum-barbie-pink skirt and I wished to have my mint coloured wig by then. But that's not going to happen, so I'll wear this wig instead. But! No way this kind of pink will go with that super-sweet pink of my skirt... So, a new coordination too. I've wanted to make an applique dress for a while now so this was a perfect reason to get some fabrics for one. I love AP's appliques the most, so I went to steal some ideas:

Carnival Wappen! I think I'll make mine to be an almost exact replica, with different colours though. I'm also debating whether to make it JSK or OP. I'd like JSK more but I don't have a fitting blouse as I have bright white striped fabric. My absolute applique favourite is the Carnival applique but as I love those pom pom ribbons the most and couldn't find similar one, I'll have to postpone that. But I found the cutest ribbon online shop, Sugar Pink Boutique, selling pom pom ribbons in different sizes and colours. I'll probably order some and make something similar to Carnival for Desucon which is held in mid-June. We'll see. But anyway, here are my materials for Carnival Wappen:

I'm in a hurry with this, though, as I have to both work and study this week. But hopefully I'll manage to make it! ...and then we can hope that it's not going to rain. It's been lovely for these past few days and forecasts have promised it's going to be warm and sunny for the whole week, and then it's going to rain on Saturday >_< But I'll have my thumbs up!


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