May 21, 2011

The picnic


Here is it, quite a lot of pictures from the picnic!

My outfit, the Carnival Wappen -replica. (It's not an exact replica, though, as you can see.) I remember mentioning something about head-eating bows a while ago, but oh well... :D

A little closer look. The light was bad, sorry.

Another close up. I really like the lace I got for the collar of the blouse, and it wasn't even expensive!

The Candy Heads, me and Hannele. Our wigs make a perfect couple :D It was really, really windy so they aren't as perfectly arranged as they were when we first got out...

This is us!!

...really, no. This is us, but for some reasons, about half of the pictures were like the one above. And The Ugly Door Strikes Back! The panel isn't big enough to hide all unphotographic backgrounds and there was no stand for the camera outside (besides it was quite freezing).

 We had cake, sandwiches, salty cupcakes, meringues, tea and strawberry juice (I happened to forgot to bring sugar so we didn't drink any tea though :D) I love my thermos bottles, I have two similar ones. One of them I found in second hand store in Jyväskylä, the other one I got from my mother who had found it in some flea market and got it for me. They don't look like they can be used for real but the tea was still almost boiling hot after we got back.

All in all, we had lots of fun even though it was quite cold. I got a super cute hairbow, two pairs of earrings, body silhouette notebook for planning new outfits and a lovely ballpoint pen. Afterwards we watched the Eurovision song contest and hated most of the winners like always :D So it was a day well used <3

As I told, I visited Rome last week. The trip wasn't lolitaish in any way so I'm not going to talk about it. But I got something from there that's surely going to be very lolita in the near future. I love the idea and try to keep it secret until it's ready ;) And there's also another secret coming!

See you soon,

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