May 6, 2011

1st of May vol. 2


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been awfully busy this week as I had a huuuge exam yesterday and I've studied night and day for it. But here are some pictures from last weekend:

My outfit on 1st of May

My nails matched with my skirt! I glued on some tiny fake fruit slices.

On 30th of April, wearing the Ugly Student Overalls not showing in the picture.
I also received the wig I ordered from eBay a while ago. I'll post pictures soon!



  1. Todella sievä asu! Etenkin kynnet ovat tosi kivat! ^_^

  2. Kiitos! Nuo minihedelmät olivat ihanan superhalpa eBay-löytö, ajattelin koittaa niistä jotain kivaa dekodeniä joskus kun on aikaa.

  3. Hei olet ihan huikean kaunis lolita! Näytät ihan upealta *___* Susta tuli ihan hetkessä mun lempilolita! :D