Mar 18, 2011


Hello again!

Another of my rather expensive hobbies is BJD's. BJD's, short for ball-jointed dolls, are resin-made dolls with ball joints to make their bodies poseable. They are very ethereal-looking and often seem to be almost alive. They are also very variable as their wigs and eyes are removable and clothes of all kinds can be both bought and made.

I own six of these lovelies. Three of them are SD-sized, meaning that they are about 60cm high. Two are MSD-sized (around 40-45cm) and one is petite (about 30cm). Here are some pictures:

The SD-sized ones are Yuki (blonde girl), Ryuu (redhead boy) and Aoi (gray-haired boy). MSD's are Sae (light brown hair) and Rin (dark brown). And the small one is Halla, white-haired fairy. I also used to own the one in the first picture, Akira, but I sold her.

As I mentioned above, these dolls aren't cheap. A basic SD-sized one costs something between 300$ and 600$ and basically none of these can be found under 100$. Taller ones are more expensive and the most wanted limited edition -dolls can cost more than 2000$.

Dolls are very often associated with lolitas. Some of the brands even offer doll-sized dresses or dolls with compete lolita outfits. I really like it when I see photoes of girls and their dolls having matching outfits! I've done it a couple of times myself. The problem with this is that all of my dolls have their own characters. Yuki is a lolitaish character and her style is close to sweet or pirate lolita but she weights awfully lot and after carrying her around through one convention... Well, I'm not going to do that again :D Halla is a bit too small and also difficult to pose, so that leaves Rin and Sae. Sae is a total monkey who hates dresses and Rin is very shy, she'd rather wear a paper bag on her head and talk to nobody. After thinking about this for a while, I ended up with a solution: I need a new doll! if I'm not poor enough without paying 300$ for another doll. But my imagination was on the move already. Her name would be Clara and she would be LUTS Kid Delf Cherry (I have a thing for LUTS, all my dolls except for Sae and Ryuu are from them) or Fairyland MiniFee Chloe (not the 600$ full set though...) She would have pink hair (and another wig for those dresses that don't match with pink - or maybe several other wigs :D) and dark chocolate brown eyes. And then I could make her all the super-over-lolita dresses I can't imagine my other MSD's wearing. She wouldn't be a part of the story unlike my other dolls, or if she was she would just be a cute neighbour.

As I mostly make my lolita clothes myself, making clothes for my dolls is a big part of my hobby. Everything they were wearing in the previous pictures was made by me. Here are some most lolitaish dresses I've made for them:

There are also many places to buy dresses: Caro-chan from F Yeah Lolita has written a great post about that.

Maybe sometime in the near future I'll have the money for my Clara. While I'm waiting for that time, I might buy her wig, eyes and shoes so when the Midnight Madness gets me again, I only have to wait (and pay...) for the doll :D

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