Mar 9, 2011


Hello again!

It seems that the sunny weather really makes me go crazy: I ordered clothes worth almost 300$ today from F+F and Bodyline. And tomorrow I'll make my YesStyle order with my little sister - that's another 100$ making their escape. I'm going to eat spaghetti and canned tuna for the rest of the spring...

And then the happy part: what did I order? The coat and petti I told earlier, from F+F. Lovelove the coat, and it will be custom size! I also ordered the handbag I told earlier:

(I'll get a white one, but this was the best picture.)

From Bodyline I ordered two skirts, a pair of shoes and a cardigan. Finding pretty shoes in right size and with decent price is a pain. I know, Taobao would be great, but I'm kind of afraid of it, it's so difficult! I've checked eBay too, but they seem to have only white ones and prices starting from 60$. And I like this shoe model best, I already have these in cream white and now sax blue ones:

These are the skirts:

The one with music notes I'll have in sax blue, so it will match with the shoes <3 That was the only colour left but it doesn't matter because I would have chosen it anyway ^^

 The other one I ordered in pink. I love pink and brown together, it makes me think about cakes and other sweet treats.

This cardigan I ordered in cream white. It's a nice basic cardigan and can be worn with pretty much everything, both lolita and non-lolita.

Lots of new clothes! And to think that I used 270$ and got a coat, shoes, a handbag, two skirts, a cardigan and a petti. Thank you mr. Yan!

Until next time,


  1. Minäkin ^^ Olen korkokenkäihminen, joten teaparty-tyyppiset tasapohjaiset kengät eivät ole ikinä erityisemmin iskeneet minuun. Nämä taas ovat ihan täydelliset. Ja tosi mukavat jalassakin, platformia on sen verran paljon, ettei korko oikeasti ole kovin korkea ja näillä on ihanaa kulkea vaikka koko viikonloppuconi kun ei tunnu missään :D