Mar 24, 2011



It's actually funny how small a part of a human body one's nails are compared to the attention they get. Messy nails can make the whole outfit look incomplete, on the other hand prettily done ones can be just as important as jewellery or headdress. Just a simple, one-coloured nail polish can work wonders but some decorations can make your nails look even more cute <3 Or what do you think about these:

(Pictures from Pinkynail and Geez.)

I really, really love pretty nails. A part of it is probably because I haven't been able to use basicly any nail polish for three years because my part-time job, but now I won't go to work until June (and hopefully not then either) so I can decorate my nails to my heart's content! As I have had no chances to play with my nails, I'm not talented at all so I started with something simple, polka dots! ...or so I thought. How to make tiny polka dots? Not with the regular nail polish applicator, that's for sure. I need something with a sharp edge, I thought, maybe a toothpick? Okay, I managed to make the polka dots, but it's not as easy as it might sound... Because the polish doesn't want to leave the toothpick and when it does, it really leaves and makes a huge spot instead of a cute polka dot. But oh well, I managed. Here's the result:

Mint polka dots on pink and the other way round. (Ignore my camera lens cover trying to get some publicity...) The problem was, I don't own mint coloured nail polish so I mixed this using bright turquose and pearl white. The result is quite okay, but I'm happy I bought an actual mint coloured nail polish today ^^

Anyway, I'm very happy with my nails <3 But to make sure the next time I'll be able to make even dots, I bought a set of nail painting brushes and a dotting tool and rhinestones, 3D-roses and tiny fruit slices for decoration from eBay (I only paid about 15$ for all this including shipping, so it was a great deal!) When my order arrives, I think I'll try to make something similar to those black dots on mint -nails above. I might add a tiny bow made of satin ribbon ^^

I've used fake nails a couple of times and I must say it's much easier to decorate them. While waiting for the polish to dry, you can just leave them be and meanwhile do whatever you wish with your own nails. And there's no problems occuring from using your left hand... But just like nail polish, long nails have been forbidden for three years so I feel totally handicapped with fake nails. They also tend to say "click" and fall off and it really doesn't look nice: eight pretty, decorated nails and two with remains of glue and all the dust in the world stuck to them. As to growing my own nails... They do grow very fast but are sooo ugly-shaped when long that no thank you. But luckily not all decorations require long nails  ^^ So I'll be waiting for my parcel to arrive so I can start practicing!

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