Mar 16, 2011

Shopping vol.2!


Sooo, a couple of days ago, I was just looking at some lolita wigs at CosplayWigs USA and couldn't help noticing that two of my absolutely favourites were both available! I should have gone to bed hours ago, but I decided quickly order one of them. But which one would I like to have the most? And then the Midnight Madness got me and I ordered both of them >_< But they were pre-order -wigs, so I'll receive them... by summer? So I'll talk more about them when I actually have them.

My YesStyle order faced some difficulties... The shoes I ordered had run out (hehe, pun not intended) so they'll refund me. I wanted those shoes! And this is the second time (out of my two orders...) they didn't have the shoes of my wanting after I've placed my order. So I'm not very happy with them at the moment.

But my main subject today: my Bodyline order arrived!! That was super fast, less than a week after I paid them. Here are they:

Shoes, two skirts and a cardigan. For a "cheap" company, I think their shipping bags are really cute <3

The skirt with music notes. (Sorry about wrinkles, the sun was about to set so I didn't have the time to iron these if I wanted pictures.) This one is exactly my size. The waist is very high, just below my bust. The bow is meant for the dress but I think I'll make a headdress out of it.

The white colour used in this is bright white instead of cream and that's aproblem for me too because I mostly have cream white loli clothes. This is a very cute skirt (or is it a dress?), almost too much so. As I'm more of a classic lolita instead of sweet, I might end up selling this one. Too bad, because this one really fits me perfectly!

This one is perfect! The colours are just as I wished them to be and the print is one of the most beautiful ones out of all Bodyline has. The waist is a bit too tight, but that's easy to fix.

The print. Totally adorable!

These shoes are actually more a mint green colour than sax blue, so they don't mach with the music notes skirt. But they do match perfectly with my cookies'n'cream -skirt, also from Bodyline (seen in one of my daily outfit -pics earlier). Happyhappy!

The cardigan is made of soft strech cotton so it's perfect for spring and summer. And the trimmings are very nice.

All in all, I'm very happy with my order! And because we have no laboratory exercises at school tomorrow, I can wear one of the skirts :)

Until next time,