Mar 2, 2011

Springtime! Springclothes!

In the few last days, the weather's been lovely, sunny and warm (well, at least when compared to that -20 degrees I mentioned earlier :D). Sun is shining to my apartment the whole day through and all the light makes me think about spring and summer. So it's time to buy, plan and make new clothes!

A couple of days ago I came across Baby's spring fashion show video. I believe most of you have already seen it, but here it is anyway (also a good reason to practice putting videos on my blog).

I totally loved those outfits <3 Especially the headdresses were gorgeous, lots of flowers and ribbons and lace. Reminded me of rococo style, I love lolita-rococo combinations. Also the colours were very cute. Actually, earlier this year I planned a dress with a birds-and-roses theme. I'm going to use pale pink cotton and white paper roses and cute decoration doves I got from eBay. I must watch the video again to get some extra ideas for the headdress, which is going to be the main part of the outfit. But I'll talk more about this when I get my scanner back so I can show my drawings too! I've also found lots of clothes and accessories I'd like to buy. As I've told, I always prefer making my clothes and buying off-brand. This moment, things I want include these lovelies:

A coat from Fanplusfriend. It's made of wool but it should be possible to change it to corduroy or thick cotton. I'd love to have this in pale blue or pink but because I doubt they have matching lace or fur (the fur collar is detachable) I'll probably end up ordering a cream coloured one. But I love the design!

Shoes from Yesstyle. I'll get these ones in pale pink as I just recently bought both black and white ballerinas, and there are only those three colours. But I also like the pink ones best! I dont like shoes with almost non-existing heels - why to bother making them at all? - but since these are so cute, I want them anyway.

Have you ever noticed how it's close to impossible to find a cute, lolita-matching white handbag? I've been looking everywhere (non-brands again...) and there's exactly one existing bag. Okay, places from eBay to Bodyline are full of different lolita handbags. But I need a simple one, white, maybe with a bow accent or something that I can use with everything. What I don't need is a furry teddy bear bag or black and white violin shaped one or something Alice in Wonderland -themed. Sigh. But happily F+F offers just the bag I need. (Which, with my luck, will be out of stock when I'll place my order :D)

It also seems that I'm never happy with my petticoats. At the moment I have two, one made of tulle and good for everyday coordinates and the other made of both organza and tulle and good for bigger poof. But sometimes I want a totally huuuge poofy skirt (an important part of the dress I'm planning to make too). So I think I'll buy this:

A petticoat with a metal hoop from F+F. By wearing both this and my tulle-and-organza petti I should get the ultimate poof! The price isn't that bad either, just 20$. And the waist is adjustable, not just with a rubber band. I hate those rubber band waists, it says that the skirt will fit, say, waists from 65cm to 90cm but if you are one centimeter over that 65cm you are going to be choked because it's so tight. They are mostly easy to fix, though.

Hopefully I'll get to order these soon. The next six weeks will be a hell at school though, no time for anything else besides laboratory work! But after that it'll be warm enough to wear all my new clothes :)

Until next time,


  1. kevät on ylivoimaisesti suosikkivuodenaikani! takittomia kelejä odotellessa ♥

  2. Niinpä :) Ostin syksyn aikana myös läjän kesäisiä kenkiä, joita haluan päästä käyttämään ^^